Texas Controls
30 years offering industrial solutions for bolting and sealing  

 For more than 30 years, Texas Controls has dedicated its efforts to manufacture, design and find solutions to the problems of the industry, being today one of the leading companies in the supply of tightening and sealing solutions for critical bolted joints in the world, mainly in sectors such as wind power, oil and gas. Innovation, reliability, quality and customized designs are our hallmarks. Among the solutions we offer are technical support, training and different services.
Texas Controls' scope ranges from in-plant services (supervision, inspection, training, calibration, ultrasonic measurements) to the manufacture of tools (hydraulic wrenches and tensioners, hydraulic and pneumatic pumps, among others) both for sale and rental.

The industries for which we develop our products and services

Wind industry

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Oil and gas industry

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Industria solar fotovoltaica 

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Chemical and petrochemical industry

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Civil construction and machinery

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Pulp and paper industry

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Metallurgical industry

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Hydrogen industry

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General industry

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Every joint is critical, so the work must be performed by experienced, competent and certified technicians. We ensure that our technicians are fully accredited, experienced and committed to achieving near-zero incident rates. Contact us and request more information here.

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Rental, maintenance, support and training for all industries

Specific software

Traceability through data

Measurement & calibration

ASME, ISO 9001, 14001, 45001


 Custom products and services


Repairs and maintenance


We are more than service providers. In industries such as petrochemical or wind power, the rental of tightening tools is essential due to the wide variety of applications and their complexity. We offer certified training and technical assistance online, on-site or via virtual reality. Trained technicians are the backbone to support tightening and sealing services, bolt load control and flange monitoring and inspection. Industries such as wind power and petrochemicals, but also others such as chemicals, pharmaceuticals and metallurgy, face a wide variety of challenges. Understanding their needs is part of Texas Controls' commitment. That's why we develop specific software for full process traceability.

Among our services, we offer ultrasonic, pressure and load measurement and calibration services. We have ASME, ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 certificates, which guarantee the quality of all our internal and external processes. We offer not only standard solutions, but also custom-designed products and services, developed and supported by our technical engineering team. With a customer-centric approach, we ensure that we thoroughly understand the needs and objectives of each project. At Texas Controls, we work to minimize downtime, increase production and quality, and minimize expenses. Our expertise can reduce the cost of repair and maintenance by up to 30%.

Texas Controls is a global company with representation in countries all over the world

We have a worldwide network of 6 international branches and several local subsidiaries. You can contact the branch that corresponds to you by proximity or leave us an email in the form. We will get back to you within 24-48 hours.

Texas Controls Spain

Headquarters PI Bergondo, Parcela R17, 15165, Bergondo
Bergondo (+34) 981 970 070 @ Email

Tarragona  C/ Carbó, 51-52 Nau 20, 43006, Tarragona 
  Tarragona: (+34) 977 199 011  @ Email

Texas Controls USA

11265 Windfern Road, ZP 77064 
Houston, TX, USA

☎ (+1) 832 340 7330
@ Email   

Texas Controls Scandinavia

Lodsvejen 23, Mellerup CP 8930 
Randers No. Denmark

☎ (+45) 8641 8080
@ Email  

Texas Controls Australia

                                        JB ToolTech 

33 Dexter Drive, Epping, VIC 3076 Australia

☎ (+31) 1300 303 818
@ Email  


Texas Controls Brazil 

Parnamirim/RN BR-304 (km 11,5), Parque das Exposições, 675-Loja B, RN 59.146-750
☎ (+55) 84 3643 2108
@ Email 

Camaçari/BA  Avda. Jorge Amado, s/n, galpão 04, Jardim Limoeiro, BA 42.800-605
☎  (+55)71 982499318
@ Email 

Petrolina/PE    Rua Presidente João Goulart, número 100, Palhinhas, Petrolina-PE 
☎  (+84) 9129-1679
@ Email 

Texas Controls Argentina

Ruta 3 Sur (km 696,5) Local 9, CP 8000
Bahía Blanca, Buenos Aires, Argentina

☎ (+54) 9 291 425-4254
@ Email 

Texas Controls Chile

Av. Ventisquero 1204, Bodega 103, 
Comuna de Renca, Santiago de Chile

☎ (+56) 2 2381 5634
@ Email 

Texas Controls India


404 Springs Plaza NIBM Road Pune 411048 India

☎ (+34 )981 970 070
@ Email 

We offer a 360º solution for different industries

We are an industrial solution focused on providing our customers with safe bolted joints at the lowest cost. Increasing remote difficulties, coupled with the increasing criticality of bolted joints and the resulting liabilities, require systems that can eliminate any risk. Texas Controls has decades of experience in high criticality bolting activities, tool and system design and development, and an understanding of the liabilities involved. Our continuous search and research, and our deep understanding of the problems and needs of the industry, has led us to develop the best systems and intelligent technological tools that make work safer, require less effort and are faster.

0% Leaks

In relation to the oil and gas industry, our expertise in solutions covers the entire life cycle of a plant: from design, construction, operation and maintenance, to technical shutdowns or decommissioning, with the common purpose of ensuring joint integrity and zero leakage. 

100% Safe 

In all the industries we work for, we have a common purpose: to achieve a zero incident rate through total process control. Technology (IoT, Industry 4.0, artificial intelligence), allows us to collect data that improves our processes.​

30% + faster

When it comes to power generation, we are experts in applications from nuclear, conventional steam, combined cycle, hydro to solar thermal. In all industries we can speed up maintenance and tightening processes by up to 30%. 


Our most popular industrial products

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Texas Controls' specialized service provides our customers with 100% of bolted joint incidents avoided

We have representatives in every corner of the world. Get in touch with us

Inspection and supervision

We are very pleased and proud to have listened to
from both the contractor QWS and Petrobras itself, comments such as: "Having Texas Controls
Petrobras itself, comments such as: "Having Texas Controls has been the greatest success of this shutdown", "if it hadn't been for Texas we would have been lost"...

QWS (Quality Welding Serviços)

The best support

On more than one occasion, I have encountered situations where I needed urgent assistance, and your support team was always available and willing to help. They are friendly, patient and extremely competent.



BoltPilot has been a real lifesaver in my work. The fact that it guides me in real time when tightening has increased my speed and safety. The user-friendly interface and automatic alerts make my work much more efficient.


Repairs and maintenance

Whenever I need my equipment repaired or serviced, your team responds quickly and efficiently. I can always be confident that my equipment will be running optimally after Texas Controls is finished - they are simply the best at what they do!


Sesorized tools

Sensorised tools are a true revolution in the world of technology and industry. Their ability to collect real-time data and provide valuable information has transformed the way we approach our daily work. We get data in a click!


Guarantees for the insurance company

Because the tightening was carried out according to procedure, I was able to demonstrate to my insurance company the quality of our preventive maintenance. This resulted in a reduction in insurance premiums, which eased the financial burden, but also strengthened our reputation.

Dow Chemical
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